Fall in love with the purpose of your life and you will shine forever

I believe that woman has a unique purpose of life, by reaching her real mission, which is a spiritual one. She is embodiment of Beauty, Grace, Gentility and Kindness. She is the Mother, the Wife and the Lover. Waking up to her feminine qualities is her way she gives herself to life. By accepting her role consciously, she fulfils her role in this world. Through wonderful manifestation of her Femininity, she can turn people’s limited visions to the essence of the world. It is her source of her power and force that can change and wake up the entire world. I want to guide you to remind you of your light in your soul, to admit it and to see it in others too. Through your shining way of being, you show others the path to the Light, enriching them through Love and Union, reaching Higher levels of consciousness. With the deepest love, forever yours Mia x

Love in reflection

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I may have wrinkled face, tired looking eyes, That do not see as clearly, And my head is covered by fine December snow When I take my scarf off. As