Five minute everyday outfit

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This lovely, yet quick outfit I put together literally just under five minutes. In fact, I will be focusing on more five minute everyday outfits in the near future as I am aware of the pressures of this modern life there are for us women. With having kids and a full time job, I certainly experience some mornings, where when I get up, I am so short of inspirations and outfit ideas, that I comfortably reach for something that is just in front of me in my wardrobe. But in my case, being a fashionista, I decided to do something about it and I began to plan ahead my clothes that I wanted to wear the next day. Especially in the evenings, I try to allocate few minutes for combining few garments from my wardrobe that will look good together and have them ready along with the shoes and jewellery for the next day. I actually realised, that I have given myself few extra minutes to stay in bed the next morning this way.


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