Glamorous winter outfit

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As winter is approaching at fierce speed, I have certainly been inspired to put together this unique look that when you wear it, you will without the doubt rock the streets this season.

Not being everyone’s favourite, those long winter and even spring months in some countries can be quite cold, but if you are someone who likes to look stylish all year round, you no need to worry. This fabulous shimmer green pleated skirt which I combined with the lace black top, certainly will enhance your femininity and sensuality as it has that what I like to say a subtle, yet luxurious feel about it. Marry with furry open fingers gloves, and additionally matched with a pair of chunky boots for that bold twist end result.

Decorate with silver necklace and long black earrings for more glamour, here, the purposely chosen bulky necklace, I felt, bridges the contrast between the beige neutral coat and the darker outfit underneath.

Let’s not forget about the handbag, I recommend a black bigger in size, but neutral or beige would be fine, too.


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