Showcasing exquisite lace

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Whenever I put a lace garment on, I instantly feel luxurious. No wonder, as lace was high of value and a sign of prestige, mostly worn by royals and aristocracy. Luckily, that is not the case anymore, and for couple of centuries, anyone and almost everyone could afford to wear it.

Designers have been enjoying creating clothes using lace fabrics since Shakespearean times, so it shows just how much this exquisite fabric is loved by all, men and women, to this day.

Lace being such a versatile fabric to me, I thought it would look good with a skirt too, not only the subtle pink goes well with black, yet, the lace panel near the bottom enriches the whole look of the garment. I feel it enhances its femininity and feels delicate at the same time. Beautiful lace top compliments this skirt and boots harmoniously.


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