Beret with a homemade flower embellishment

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Ever since I can remember, knitting needles and yarns all colours were always part of our home. Almost everyone I knew was either crocheting or knitting.

I recall proudly wearing many gorgeous, lovingly knitted jumpers and accessories, and even I felt under the charms of this fanciable finesse of creating textiles.

To this day, I remain faithful to my needles and now and then I crochet an embellishment of desired shape and colour to compliment or rejuvenate my garments and accessories.

If you wish to learn this convenient craft know-how, you tube offers many tutorials for beginners and I would recommend to commence with purchasing one spool of yarn and increase the amount as you advance further. You will also require a cupful of patience and a sense of humour to keep you going along mastering such art as this.


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