Try the statement jewellery trend

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Thanks to Coco Channel and Paco Rabbane, who fully embraced designs of statement jewellery, women have been allowed to decorate their garments with crystals, imitation stones and pearls that many fashionistas described as assertive, bossy, big, bold elements combined from previous decades.

Statement jewellery has a definite power to make the heads turn and most of all, it is affordable.

Whenever I make a decision to accessorise my garments with ornaments, I consider all important factors, such as colour and shape of the clothing I am working with. Especially when wearing black top, I reach for my costume jewellery box and search for that exceptional piece.

I selected this rather astonishing butterfly embellished with diamante crystals and chains that are graciously draping off it. I was inspired by Egyptians who favoured chunky necklaces and earrings, and it was Romans who preferred statement rings.

Even though statement gems might feel like ‘too big’, it is really quite simple. Throw on one piece of your chosen trinket with whatever you are wearing and you are good to go! Give this trend a try and see what a ‘little’ glitter can do for that ensemble and your confidence!


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