What to wear to a glitter party

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Holiday party season is certainly among us and many will be whisking off to clothe shops or search online, contemplating buying that perfect party ensemble. You may find yourself feeling rather overwhelmed by the choices that the fashion houses are currently offering and perhaps in despair, settle for something ‘that will do’ or you may just say to yourself ‘I will just put on that dress I wore last year. No one will notice, surely.’

What I would urge you to bear in mind in time of making any decision, do not panic and buy hastily, but rather get to know your style and what suits your shape and skin tone the most.

Parties are, in essence, social and celebratory occasions, where you can showcase your frock , dazzle, dance and make new friendships. It is a wonderful opportunity for taking stunning photos, to cherish those memories, therefore, select your attire wisely.

I am modelling an alluring dark purple mini dress with embellished design at the end of the sleeves. The colour purple compliments blond hair and gives an opportunity for the sparking jewellery to stand out. I felt it was ideally matched with a jewelled Edwardian style petit purse and black tights. Complete your look with a fur coat or smart jacket.


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