Passion for pearls

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If sophistication had a symbol, pearl would definitely hold that position. This iridescent gem is officially the eldest gemstone in the world that is greatly favoured by Hollywood glamour actresses and royalty all over the world.

If you ever find yourself in Louvre, I recommend you visit a museum where the fragments of the earliest pearl necklace is on display to public. It belonged to Persian princess who wore them as an adornment 2500 years ago.

If you are lucky to have any real pearl jewellery, now is the time to wear it with pride and with anything. Coco Channel, who is my inspiration, was well known for her love of pearls. She used to wear them regardless of what anyone thought of her as she liked to mix her real pearls with the faux ones daily.

I selected a blue polka dot dress to compliment my elegant and delicate real pearl matching set.


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