Style it like Marylin

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I have long desired to compose a fashion related article about Marylin and her a la mode style.

To many readers and viewers, Marylin was and still remains a controversial character. However, I have looked at this classic and certainly unique beauty without prejudice.

After all, who can ever forget her famous pleated white dress that so cheekily exposes her perfectly formed legs. Her drive and desire to contribute to the world of movies, music and fashion can only be admired and I wanted to honour this innocent and generous at heart sensation, by modelling a similar dress to her many iconic dresses. Although me and Marylin differ in body shapes slightly, it was not going to deny me of a privilege to replicate one of her many captivating looks. It’s my belief that Marylin still continues to influence the fashion world and will be in future years to come. For she is eternal.