The mystery of springtime

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I felt suddenly inspired by what will transpire any time soon. Although we are still well into the winter season, the delightful sounds of birds chirping, that are busily creating new lives, and occasionally stumbling across the delicate, yet strong snowdrops, are inevitable signs of our nature which communicates to us, that the mysterious, yet powerful season is approaching soon.

Nothing pleases me more when a breeze of floral scented air passes suddenly out of nowhere by me and enriches my senses, as to gently remind me of the delicate beauties of our nature. I happily bow to the sunny yellow daffodil to accept its precious scent that so generously shares with all of us.

Therefore, I wanted to encourage you to go out for a walk in nature, in your local woods or potter in your garden at this time of the year particularly, to fully embrace the healing powers of nature with the best it offers to us. It is a truly nourishing food for our souls and healthy minds. Being surrounded by the positive green colour of grass and leaves and fresh air boosts our inner renewal, lifts positive energy, harmony with nature, gives births to freshness and raises fertility.

So, do not wait any longer and be kind to your mind and soul!


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