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I fought, blinded by the light

Could not see your hurt heart

At night I kept awake

Scared of the dark and death

Blood poured out of my vein

Wishing to die, for an end

Kept buying more ammunition

Using others on my mission

Angry faces in my mirror

Empty gaze, I suddenly shiver

Stormy weather, I was scared

Wishing to be a child again

Cuddle in Mothers arms in pain

I cry silently, no one hears me

I pray to God to release me

Exhausted I fall down on my knees

Sweat is pouring out of my veins

Toxic poison feeding my soul

I see no end out of this hole

My darling you threw me a line

‘Can you see it? ‘

How I yearned to believe it

I went deep inside

Place unknown to me before

I felt a thunder, I began to tremble

It shook me to my core

Warm feeling washed over me

I recognised it from long ago

Rushed through my veins

Clearing all the pain

My life turned upside down

I will fight for this love

That totally consumes me

Passion I never knew existed

Butterflies flutter

When you near me

Miss you when you

Are not with me

Whisper to me sweetly

What your dreams are

And I tell you mine

Forever in my heart

My soulmate, my love


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