Creativity is essential to our integrity

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Above is the image of Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, 1917, one of his most famous painting. It illustrates the beginning and end, in a remarkably consistent way, of the long majestic day in Europe of the conquering cavalier and his mount.

Each of us have been born with distinctive gift of creativity. For some are great singers, painters, actors, dancers, sculptures, authors, great thinkers, business people or spiritual leaders.

There is so much stimulating enjoyment to be had when one is drawn in by creators manifestation of their talents, visions, and sense it’s power within, true connection communicated through the languages of arts and culture.

I wish to share with you my favourite artist of all times, Picasso. Why him you may wander? His journey to fame began post first world war, when Paris found itself in turmoils and the people of that, now romantic city, wanted to rebuild their lives and homes they so much loved but no longer recognised. They realised that Arts and culture brings new interest, revolution, inspiration, motivation, pleases eyes and souls, brings people together. They needed positivism and uplift after the catastrophic effects of the devastating war. Paris invited in artists and designers from around the world to live and work there. In return the artists would socialise at the famous Parisian cafe and paint, providing a new identity to the town. This was a successful move as the town had began to thrive economically and life energy returned. Tourists would be visiting Paris especially for the love of Arts and socialising.

Picasso had a unique gift the way he worked with his muses. One of his muses shared just how much he impacted on her life and future. Her met a sentimental girl who over time and many portraits later became an inspiration to stars like Bardot and many girls of that era.

Her intimate story touched upon my heart and may his legacy last forever. Such strong a power of Art, what a distinctive way it contributes to the more stable society and accepted authority.

How creative are you? What talents lie within you that you might discover? Write down what makes you happy. You may like animals, be caring to nature, people. Do you enjoy writing or drawing? Are you good at make up or fashion designing? How about that singing voice you are keeping to yourself? These are all talents hidden away until recognised and brought to light. Spend some time in thoughts and feel what you like to do in your spare time? Hobbies may be turned into a future careers, follow your inner intuition. Where is it guiding you to?

It is important to find the right balance and harmony in our lives and nurturing creativity is essential to our wholeness. I invite you to celebrate its potential and positive impact on your mind and soul.


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