Part 1: The Happiness revolution

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You may wonder what happiness has to do with creating your best life? Absolutely everything! From my experience and training I can honestly tell you that embracing your happiness and total acceptance of who you are, is the most imperative to living your desired life. It is only when you feel happy and comfortable in your own skin, you radiate an undeniable magnetic energy that attracts all the things into your life that you wish to have.

Just to give you few examples, your relationships with others – even those with whom you may have had difficulties with in the past – become fun and enjoyable. It is when you become kind, generous, respectful and following your bliss, you feel worthy of receiving the gifts and fruits of this beautiful world, even Universe.

I am referring here to the kind of happiness, that remains steady every minute of your life regardless of the external circumstances and chaos around you. It is the kind of love, that you fully embrace your goodness and your flaws. Just imagine loving yourself so much that you treat yourself with compassion even when you are feeling angry, scared, jealous or lonely?

So what might happen when we withhold love and happiness from ourselves? We may feel shame, doubt, inner conflict, embarrassment, we may judge ourselves harshly and inflict emotional pain upon us. The external world is a mirror, projection of our inner world. So in theory it means that the better we feel about ourselves on the inside, the kinder response we receive from others.

Let’s say you wish to create more joy, passion and success in your life, you must begin with nurturing these qualities withing yourself. By beginning to accept and love your imperfections, you give birth to compassion, self-worth and sense of accomplishment and achievement. Happiness is the best gift that you can ever give yourself, ever. It is worthy of more than any diamonds and gold put together in this whole world. It is priceless, as it is the ultimate food for your heart, mind and your soul.


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