Part 2: Honour Your Body

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Have you ever considered many of your wonderful and valuable body parts? It is very easy to take our physical self for granted. Without being aware, we ignore our needs, may think we are immortal and often driving ourselves too hard.

Have you ever thought that your body is like a delicate treasure that homes your soul for a while? What if each of us just simply stopped to acknowledge how priceless our bodies are. Would we treat them better? Would we nurture and honour them as we would perhaps a newborn child?

Start each day paying extra attention to your body needs. What nourishment and appreciation can you dedicate to your body? Allow your hands to rest on each area of your body gently as you send it love and gratitude for providing you with support and ability to do your daily tasks. I recommend spending extra time on the body parts that you hate and judge the most. Observe day by day your thoughts and feelings as you perform this blessed ritual to honour your body. Note in your diary how you feel by the end of the month.


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