Part 3: Nourish Your Internal Flame 🔥

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Why is it that some people light up a room when they walk in? Why some of us have the clarity to envision an inspiring future and have the courage to go after our dreams and follow our bliss? What do you think may be the driving force behind it? Could be a case of their charisma, determination, perseverance, or just simply good luck? Maybe, however what I realised that the secret to one’s light, internal flame, lies within one’s inner strength of our life force, inner power, which transforms into the stamina that feeds us spiritually and physically and turns our dreams into realities.

Spend some time contemplating what gives you passion, strength, energy? What daily choices do you make to nourish your internal blaze? What do you feed it? What may be diminishing your inner flame? Did you work too hard, overeat, over-drank, overspend, gave too much of your free time away? Allow yourself to see what choices are you making daily, weekly or monthly that may prevent your internal blaze to glow. Every choice you make either adds to inner strength, making it to grow and be brighter, or diminishes it, decreasing its power.

Why not giving a go to a challenge where each day you do something special for yourself, giving yourself a gift, that will keep your internal blaze glowing.


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