Part 4: Find What’s Right In Everything

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To look for what’s wrong in any relationship or situation have become a norm for many of us. Somehow we have learnt to look for what is wrong with our partners, colleagues, friends, bodies, politicians, economy system, and even our children, the list can be endless. However, taken all this into consideration, if we only look for what is wrong, we will certainly find it, followed by feelings of disappointment, guilt, shame, anger and discontent.

Looking for what is right in everything, we are making a conscious choice, and we welcome life to dazzle us with fortune of numerous gifts. We warmly open our hearts to gratitude for all that we have, share and invite into it our daily lives.

Do you want to feel strong, worthy and grateful? How about perfecting the art of finding whats right and noting, observing your feelings at the same time?

For example, if there are certain aspects of your job that irritates you, spend some time allocated to writing down what’s actually right and enjoyable about your job? You may be surprised to discover, that there may be actually more things about your job that make you feel happy and satisfied rather than annoyed!


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