Part 5: Develop Into The Person You Wish to Be

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Do you sometimes find yourself admiring a certain quality in someone else? It could be that person’s determination, perseverance, ability to adapt to change, strength, creativity or style? Well, you can be sure that that unique aspect also exists within you, you may just not be aware of it yet. Certain hidden talents and personal traits may be laying dormant yet to be discovered, nurtured and developed into their full potentials.

You may be only a step away of discovering your greatest self, by simply noticing, observing whom you admire. Your self love will ascend instantly once you take actions by identifying the people externally you are drawn to and expressing it to develop into the bright star of yourself.

Who do you love, respect or lights you up the most? Is this person passionate, healthy, successful, popular, loved by many, kind, peaceful, compassionate or spiritual? Take some time to nurture those qualities within yourself. How can you express it? What adjustments in your current life can you create instantly to make it happen? Observe your feelings and emotions as you begin to present the newly discovered talents and make a note of that in your diary. Honour often any positive changes in your deep reflections or daily meditations.


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