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What is not to love about the shades that will make you look younger, fresher, brighter? Be bold and become your own expert what shades suit your colouring the best!


Best for: Blue and Brown eyes

Those with brown eyes, team with a coloured eyeliner, smudged into the bottom lash line, for a pop of colour

To set off blue eyes, go for anything with orange undertones such as peach, Champagne and bronze.

If you are a fan of natural look, use this trick, use a combination of peach and rose eye shadows, matched with beige liner.


Best for: Green, Hazel and Brown eyes

If you are a brown eye beauty, you are lucky, as you suit all shades. So be brave and experiment. Eye shadow should however compliment your eye colour, not match it! Purple shades will look amazing on you.

For those with green and hazel eyes, purples are the go-to shades. It is due to the red undertones that make the green flecks stand out!

Whenever you are getting glammed-up, I recommend going for a fresh take on the smokey eyes, with aubergines and deeper purples. complimented with black liner inside the water line, dusky pink blush for the cheeks and shiny gloss to finish. Wow!


Best for: Hazel and brown eyes

Green shades and brown eyes are made for each other! You can experiment with metal and shimmering spring green shades through to darker olive and khaki shades.

Hazel eyes look stunning with bronze, gold or khaki shades, which makes the golden flecks in your eyes really sparkle.

Beauty tip: blend the shadow over lids and along the bottom lash line, highlighting the inner corners of the eyes with gold and a brown liner on the top lash line.


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