Why meditate?

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Meditation is the food of the soul. Just as our bodies need nourishment, so, to do our souls, which need to be nourished by meditation. Much of the stress that many people experience today comes from the fact that they neglect to nourish their souls and peace in their minds. Our bodies, minds and souls make up a unit. Just as our society is well geared towards looking after the body, so is the need to nourish the mind and restore the harmony by including soul and bring these three elements together. Unless this is accomplished, people will continue experience anxiety. I believe that a lot of anxiety and stress can be alleviated if people spend some quality time in regular daily meditation. It could be the source of peace and I can not hope to have peace and calm mind unless I draw energy from that very powerful source.

Essentially, meditation is a time spend with your thoughts and listening to what those are communicating to us. I will offer you a few different methods of meditations (please look out for future posts) that I feel are well suited to the type of lives we live today. Meditation is a relationship with inner self, so we all experience if differently.

Why not make a conscious decision to spend ten or fifteen minutes a day in meditation? If you already do this, why not increase it to thirty minutes? Meditation is for everyone in every situation. We will never achieve true happiness if we continue to search for it outside, whilst the very source of love, is your own inner calm, content and peace, discovered and nourished through meditation.


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