Part 6: Take Your Day One Step at a Time

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Not every day starts with a bang. Sometimes it’s hard to find the energy to get up and out. You might have a lot on your mind, you may have a busy schedule, there may be difficulties to face. Why don’t you give this following technique a go when your day gets off to a dreary start?

Begin with concentrating on the immediate task in hand. For instance, get yourself out of bed first before you even think of the next job. Simply, take one step at a time. Only think of the next step, once the immediate step is over. Each time you achieve one step, stop and congratulate yourself. In this way every small task becomes an achievement. Just by simply refusing to be drawn into worrying about the rest of the day, you instantly protect yourself from negative thinking. Here is an example of the negative self talk: ‘Oh, how am I going to get to that meeting, pick up the children, do the shopping, cook the dinner…..I will never manage it all.’

As you achieve more and more tasks and congratulating yourself along the way, your view of each day will become much more positive and you will start to feel in control again. There is a fine feeling of accomplishment when we lift ourselves up in the face of hardship and one step at a time is the only way to do it.


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