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How gloomy the world would be without scent. The number of new fragrances that come on the market each year are mind-boggling. Some are wonderful and classic, and others are merely pale imitations, with a cheap, acidic aroma. Perfume is something a woman should always use, and if you wear a signature scent, something that people will always remember you by, then you will always make an impression as you enter or leave a room.

Put perfume wherever you want to be kissed. It’s probably the oldest beauty enhancer that exists, we can read about perfume in ancient Egyptian manuscripts, Cleopatra never appeared without her perfumed oils and unguents.

I believe in changing my perfume as often as I change my shampoo because you become used to the scent – why should other people be the only ones to appreciate its fragrance?

I find the scent of lilac so bewitching that I try to find the lilac trees near my parish every spring.


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