How to Meditate and Silence

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Your own meditation is a relationship with your inner self, therefore it requires work.

One does not meditate only when one has the time, One makes time for the meditation, for going within. (Mia)

We are human and prone to distractions, so we should avail of whatever supports to meditate are available. Try creating a suitable atmosphere as I regularly do, find a quiet room, perhaps with delicately scented candles if desired. Sometimes you may be able to visit a place where group of people meditate together.


There is a real need for us to learn to appreciate the value of silence. The widespread use of technology impinges on us, maybe more than we realise. There always seem to be some level of noise. Though we may not be fully aware of how much it is affecting us, it has an impact. Even subtle ‘white noise’ in the background has an effect. We often feel drained bu it, and we may feel as we can not even hear ourselves think. Our senses have become overwhelmed. And then we wonder why our nerves are frayed and we are frazzled at the end of the day!

Silence is little respected today and yet it is essential for a healthy life and for the meditation. It has so many benefits. Silence combined with meditation is like a blanket we wrap around ourselves to enable us to sink deeper into the true reality of life and into our being. We need to give time to open up these spaces of quiet through meditation in order to bring about harmony into our lives.

When we enter an undisturbed meditation and silence, we can be more attentive to the truth of who we are. We must allow our minds and souls to become tranquil. Then, like drops of water sinking into a still pond, we let the ripples go forth, gently touching the deepest recesses of our hearts. Let the sound of these words resonate and echo within you and find a home there.


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