Part 7: Discover Your Life’s Purpose

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You are the one and only You. Only you can make the contribution you came here to make. Your combination of special talents is unique and irreplaceable. You have come for a special purpose, to fulfil your life’s work. I ask you a question: Do you believe this to be true? Have you discovered your life’s work? ‘Aliveness, energy, high self-esteem, harmony, interest, enjoyment and satisfaction are just few positive feelings that come with fulfilling your life’s purpose. You will know if you are not doing your life’s work because you will feel dissatisfied, incomplete, low in self-esteem, low in energy and generally out of sorts. These feelings indicate that you have been wandered from your path, from following your bliss.

I have tried this powerful visualisation that can put you back on course;

Sit very quietly, relax and close your eyes. Imagine that your life’s work can be represented as a symbol. Visualise what that symbol would be, take the firts thing that comes to your mind, however inappropriate it may seem. Hold your symbol close to your body and feel it’s energy filling your entire being….. Patiently continue holding your symbol like this for a few moments….and sense it’s energy entering every cell of your body.

Ahead of you, there is a hill. Carry your symbol to the top. The journey is very easy, your symbol is very light to carry. Once you reach the top of the hill, you see an arched gateway. As you stand under this archway, you look behind and see, there below, everything that is part of your life; hopes and fears, loves and disappointments, people and places, all the experiences it took for you to reach where you are today.

You feel grateful for all your past experiences, the gateway leads to your future, and as you step through, you will throw your symbol high in the air and it will fly out into the world – your future.

Now, take a few moments to centre yourself before you step into the gateway, release your symbol – this is your future.

This powerful visualisation will help you to attract all that you need to discover your life’s purpose. This concentrated energy is a strong magnet. It is this magnet that will attracts to itself the ways and means for you to find your true path and your future purpose in life. Follow your star and discover why you are here.


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