Part 8: Celebrate Being Alone

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You are unique. Everyone is absolutely special and individual. When we recognise our uniqueness, we also recognise our aloneness. Sometimes our aloneness can be very scary. We may feel lonely because no one can really understand how we feel. It is true that no one will ever know your inner you. You are the only person who can know you as no one else can be inside of you! And on the other hand, would you actually really want anyone to know everything about you?

It is this wonderful idea of our aloneness that carries a quality of freedom. We can release our expectations of other people to know all about us and we can stop feeling guilty about not always ‘being there’ for others.

Frightening or freeing – being alone with yourself can be either of these things. If you choose freedom, choose to celebrate your aloneness!

Try repeating the following affirmation

‘I am sitting on top of the world and I belong to nobody and nobody belongs to me!’

As you say this affirmation, use your imagination and visualise yourself at the top of the world feeling free. Allow yourself to feel this feeling of being truly free and wonderful.


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