Part 9: Be Here Now

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Do you recognise this sort of scenario? It’s Sunday morning, the sun is shining and you planned to have a nice picnic in the park. As you get out of the house, one of your children starts complaining. ‘Be good, we are going to have a lovely picnic.’ Then your baby starts crying and you feel getting uptight. On top of it, your partner starts getting agitated and attempts to tell the children to behave, only to make the situation worse.

Remember any other situations where your well-formed plans aren’t working? Stop, pause and recognise the moment. Consciously place yourself into the present moment. Appreciate and act in the NOW.

Whenever you begin to feel that your life or situation is running out of control, stop and say to yourself: ‘Remember, be here now!’

I do not mean that you have to literally have to let go off everything, like in the scenario above, sort out the children and continue on your journey to have your family picnic.

The power is always in the moment. Recognise it, and feel the present, the NOW!

‘Later’ actually really does not exist because we are only ever conscious in the present moment and ‘later’ always lies in the future.

Give this following affirmation a try:

I accept the here and now fully as it is, right at this moment.

This might be a useful advise, if you get so organised and together that you are busy living in the future or are rushing to keep track of time then you are missing the true pleasure and enjoyment of the moment.


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