Own your style! How to choose your clothes correctly.

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Every one wants to look beautiful. Often, we get confused how to style externally, therefore many women are afraid to create their own unique personalised fashion sophistication. They fear combining unusual designs, materials, cuts and colours. And do you know why? Because they feel that they would not be in vogue. But what does being in vogue mean?

Fashionable or not?

Most of us presumes that word ‘in vogue’ means fashion trends, that only celebrities and models wear. Even tough these garments may look attractive and interesting, reality is, that it may suits only certain age group category and particular type of body shape. Not many people are interested in such a fact, they simply want to be trendy and dress like their favourite fashion idol. And then we can see in streets ‘fashion disasters’, worn by those whom clothes not suit and even worse, their personal style and image is subdued.

Why dress in clothes that do not suit you?

First step to choosing the correct style or clothing, is becoming aware, that today you can wear anything. The term ‘fashion style’ in reality represents only a suggestion, it does not mean that you got to dress from head to toe in clothes from the fashion show! Sometimes, enough is just wearing a small detail, subtle change from the conservative and expected. Look at the fashion designers. They set trends seasons ahead, however, the clothes hardly change in style! It remains almost the same. It is because they follow their own unique style – they understand what suits them and what clothes feel comfortable. When it comes to new seasons, they adapt or change minimal. They do not belong to any category, and the same goes for you! Each of us has own personal dress style, even if we are not aware of it. The right clothes should enhance your individuality and understandably, you got to feel natural and comfortable.

Have you ever noticed anyone that was not extravagantly dress, however caught your attention? For instance, in a cafe you noticed a lady wearing black classic costume. The lady was not particularly interesting to look at, however she oozed elegance and individual style, because she added a red spotty scarf to her black costume and matching red gloves. This lady achieved stylish harmony to the last detail. She felt comfortable and it complimented her personality and physique.

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