Colours will not harm you, they will help you to come alive!

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The biggest challenge in creating your own style could be colours. Dark shades can make you look several years older and often we look unnatural, as though we lack energy. Honestly, only small fraction of the population understands meaning of colours and knows how to combine them appropriately, so that no harm will be caused. Colours play important role in our daily lives. Each colour has a unique look, impact and character. The exact colour you are currently wearing says a lot about your mood and emotion.

Colour in reality means feeling, that we understand better with help of the lighting. That is why the same shade looks different under the artificial light or in a shade.

In order to use colours appropriately, it is useful to understand the basic symbolism, that affects not only us, but our external environment. Here are some examples:

RED: energy, passion for life, fire

ORANGE: creativity, inspiration, happiness, joy, expression

YELLOW: intelligence, warmth, light, ego

GREEN: hope, calm, serenity, love, feelings

PURPLE: royalty, intuition, understanding

BLUE: conservative, harmony, communication

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