Part 11: Play, play and more play!

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I am hereby ordering you to schedule an activity that has absolutely no usefulness than its enjoyment to you. Let me explain in more detail. Remember those ‘play dates’ when you were a child? During the childhood years we recognise the value of letting go and simply enjoying ourselves. By the time we hit adulthood, our balance work to play is off .

Playing is crucial. It is fun, renews and refreshes us, providing us with better focus on the more serious aspects of our daily lives. I invite you to engage in whole body, mind and soul in whichever playful activity you choose. Go cycling with a friend down the adventurous routes, bowling or take up a pottery class with a mate. Get creative, active and as playful as possible. Or pick up an unusual hobby that you’d never considered before, such as forest foraging, play hopscotch, jump rope, put a karaoke on and let loose! Even better, video yourself and have fun!


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