Fear of Imperfect body is Unhealthy and Limiting

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Other  problems that can restrict people when it comes to choosing their clothes, is an unhealthy fear of their own bodies.  Many of us think that colourful clothing will make person look fat and unnecessarily draws attention to the flawed body. Lets face it, no one is perfect and no one ever will be! So why worry and limits yourself when it comes to exploring new styles and choosing clothes. Invite the garments to be part of you, completing, enriching you, helping with overcoming those fears of imperfections.

If you think that you have certain imperfections, instead of hiding them, bring them out, show them off! Here is an example how.

BODY TYPE: bigger, large breasts

SUGGESTION: To eliminate the attention from the tummy area, bring attention onto the breasts instead. Chose V shaped tops with low cuts, empire style tops and dresses. Be body confident, be you!

Next chapter: How to create your own wardrobe style?


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