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Here I offer you few useful tips about woman’s essential Make-up:

Always take your foundation and base down to your neck and over the ears – if you don’t you will have a different coloured face and neck, which looks old.

When using eye shadows and blushers don’t forget that the darker colours minimise your bad points and the lighter colours accentuate your good points.

A good way to achieve thick lashes is to apply mascara while blowing the hair dryer. The hot air dries it fast, so you can apply several coats in succession.

If eyelashes look clumpy when mascara is applied, separate them with another mascara wand, clean and damp.

Throw away all old half-used mascaras, lipsticks, make-up bases. Anything that is more than two years old is bad for your skin, particularly anything you use around the eyes.

Keep eyebrow pencils extremely pointed for the best effects.

For a healthy look, use blusher on your cheekbones and in the centre of your forehead, under the chin and at the edges of your hairline. Blend carefully to avoid tide marks.

If you run out of lip gloss use Vaseline, if you run out of face powder use talcum or baby powder, and if you run out of blusher blend your lipstick in the palm of your hand with a little cold cream.

To minimise a double chin, use blusher around jawbone, gradually fading colour under the jawline. Then apply a slightly darker shade directly under the chin and blend.

Blusher is the best quick make-up rejuvenator there is – it gives an instant glow and makes you look as if you have had eight hours sleep. Blusher is however supposed to make you look healthy, not as if you have a fever.


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