Part 12: Never ever give up

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I wish to dedicate this post to a woman who I met years ago in a small town at the exhibition; I was admiring her crafted decorations in preparation to Easter and as I stood at her stall in awe, she came up to me and handed me her handcrafted bookmark with words ‘Never give up’ ; I still owe it to this day and so the impression she made on me. Few years before a very dear close relative of mine passed away and the wounds were unhealed and tender at that time. It is natural to feel dejected when your life is hard and difficulties seem to appear whichever way you turn. When you are within the midst of a trauma, you may not feel inclined to take helpful advice on how to overcome pain and feel better. At this point I suggest you really need to experience the power of your feelings – sadness, anger, grief, hurt, rage, shame or other. I assure you that this immediate painful emotional stage will pass in time and change will arise. Remind yourself that this is true and wait for the moment when your deep negativity begins to disappear. Observe and note mentally as it may sometimes be unrecognisable. It happens subtly and in time you will become a pro at recognising even the subtler shift in your strong emotions. For example, one day you may feel really miserable and low, and then one day you sense a seed of hope. Without even realising, you may be focusing on pain and sadness. The darkest light is truly just before the dawn. Never ever give up on the miraculous process of life, believe in yourself, trust in you and be your own biggest supporter. You are much stronger than you think, especially when you are going through difficult times. That is the real test of strength. The fact that you are hoping for better days and positive change, only affirms how much you truly care and love yourself.


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