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It is of course extremely important to take care of your teeth, however many people seem to ignore their gums which are in fact more important. I have a wonderful dentist near me who has given me some excellent tips over the years for taking care of teeth and gums.

What is gum disease? It is simply the loss of gum and bone. If not treated properly, is a progressive and irreversible disease. As we age, the gums shrink and therefore the teeth become more prominent and appear bigger. Gum disease is quite serious and needs to be kept in check by regular brushing of the gums, preferably with an electric toothbrush. There are plenty to choose from; this is one of the best investments for your teeth that you can buy. The recommend using toothpaste with fluoride. I have always used it and so does my family.

How to brush your teeth correctly? To avoid incorrect tooth brushing, remember it is in between the teeth that we always need to clean. Hold the brush at forty five degree angle and brush with up and down movements. Use dental floss in addition to brushing your teeth and see your dentist as soon as any problem develops. the sooner you see him, the easier the cure will be.


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