Part 13: Lust for life!

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Many people as they age become more and more lethargic. They feel as though their vitality and energy seep away. One must not underestimate the stresses of modern life, however the actual lack of will to do anything, the lack of energy, or as the French say joire de vivre, has been growing phenomenon for the past several decades. You get tempted to reach out for cures by certain tonics and pills, however, do not be hasty, energy comes from eating the right food, positive outlook on life and how you do everyday things.

I ‘paint’ you a picture; comes morning, how often have you woken up feeling utterly exhausted from a bad night’s sleep tossing and turning around? Or how often have you forced coffee down your throat after dragging yourself into the bathroom or shower? And yet, you still feel dreadful!

Before you take that cup full of caffeine, the next time you feel like that, try some light morning bending, stretching, sit-ups or walk up and down the stairs several times. Few minutes later, your body will reward you by realising endorphins which charge you forward into more energy. I get my daily source of zest from doing aerobics exercises; we all have the potential for energy and to achieve much more than we usually do. I was born with a high threshold of vitality and I set myself specific goals continuously that motivate me and expand my horizon. I am constantly involved in projects, and I never get bored. I believe that boredom is the ultimate killer of all life’s passions, lusts for learning new skills and experiencing the ultimate gift of life!

I also believe that our immune systems are having to work extra hard these days to fight the chemicals and the poisons that are in the very air we breathe, the water we drink, the foods we eat and rid them of our body systems. Eating healthy diet acts as a boost to our immune system, along with additional benefits such as maximising energy, vitality and protection. One of my favourite healthy dishes is baked grated apples with plums and prunes which add the natural sweetness to the dish, so I do not need to add any sugar or honey. Occasionally, I treat myself with complimenting this dish with lightly whipped cream.

I will leave you with a few questions to contemplate how often and where you put energy and focus into needless things. Do you need to do the family laundry every day? Do you get sufficient hours of sleep at night? Do you need to clean the house on weekends or can you hire a cleaner once a week to spruce up your home? Check in with yourself frequently throughout the day where do you wander off in your thoughts? Do you spend long hours searching online engines or texting friends?

Attitude is everything! How we live our lives, how we age, how we look, how we feel and how we want to be. Get the right attitude and you are on the right track, from sleeping well to positive thinking!


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