Part 14: Think positive

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I believe that harsh and unpleasant things that impinge upon our lives and consciousness should be dismissed from our minds as quickly as possible, and not be allowed to fester there. It is amazing how much you can achieve if you get rid of frustration and anxiety in your daily life. I am a realist and of course, there will always be a certain amount of stress in your daily life, it is in mine, and we are all subject to it. Therefore it is important how we cope with it that you are well-adjusted person, rather then burnt-out one.

When I suffered from very stressful situations in my life, I tried several techniques that helped to relieve stress by trying out positive thinking techniques and that had become very useful to me. I realised that by releasing the negative stress, I allowed my mind function better, thinking became clearer and I felt much happier and relaxed. One of the techniques I tried and was successful: do something every day that you are afraid to do or avoiding doing? Over several weeks, I gained more confidence in myself and eventually was able to laugh off what was preventing me from trying new things. It only held me back, it had to removed!

I am a strong believer in visualisation. I have wrote about this before, however I felt it is an important part in achieving positive mindset; here I offer an updated advice. You are what you think you are and what you want to be. If you feel strong, vibrant and attractive, that’s the aura that you will give off to others and how they will think of you. If you feel weak, incompetent, plain and insignificant, you will give off that image too. Think yourself more beautiful, healthier, younger, stronger, smart and more ambitious; and be amazed what the miraculous process of visualisation can do for you and reap it’s rewards. Some tips on getting what you want: know exactly what you want and visualise having or doing it. Want this above anything in the world and focus your attention on it. Become passionate if not obsessed by it. Do what you need to do in order to get it or be it; believe yourself to be it! After all, you must know what you want before you go after it. Do not hold yourself back from become the better version of YOU!


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