Part 16: Be your own Boss!

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Know clearly what you want and how you approach it. Intrigued? Surely, nothing teaches you better than your own experience, however tried and tested by me, here I reveal how to be in charge of your life and thrive each and every day, reaching your full potential. To be a WINNER in your life you must continously set plans and goals for yourself. To have a successful life, you must put your own wants and desires before the demands of others. You can learn more from failure than from success, be prepared to make plenty of mistakes and be excited about it. Let’s face it, if we are successful, we do not stop and analyse what made that success, that happiness and fulfilment. However through failure, whether it be in love, in friendships or in child rearing, we have an opportunity to introspect and ask questions. We can take a long hard look inside ourselves trying to understand and discover what did not make us tick.

I am talking about your personal victory in life, not having to compromise yourself to other people’s sometimes selfish wants, and being loved and desired in spite of your faults and shadows. However hard it may sometimes be, do not let the world intimidate you into doing what you do not want to do. Do your own thing, be your own BOSS. My favourite quote, in wise words of Oscar Wild ‘To love oneself is the beginning of the life-long romance’ It may take few years – it did for me – but try it. It works!


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