Part 17: Be a creative enthusiast

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It is a well-known fact that creativity is the highest form of intelligence for these very reasons; personality of a creative person is quite complex, such as creative people like challenges and benefit from constant curiosity. They ask questions and are not afraid to push boundaries of ‘normality’ and take risks. Creative’s person’s mind goes beyond average knowledge, it expands and reaches unlimited visions and potentials; with ability to tap into the ‘higher powers’ for intuitions; acting on instincts, enhanced by bounces of energy and determination.

I encourage you to spend some quality time boosting your creative mind. You can begin with learning skills such as sewing, stitching, painting, up-cycling, baking, writing stories, poems. Once you start and persevere, you will potentially open door to a wonderful world of expanded and never before experienced thoughts, ideas, innovations and talents. You might discover parts of your personality that you were never aware of before. Now, that is exciting. It’s as though you gave birth to revived YOU! After all, we are here to experience life with all that is offered to us and what is to be yet discovered!


1. Lemons (pastels)

2. Up-cycled bird box; scenery of mid-summer hedges and rumbling roses (acrylic paint), a lovely new home for the birds in my garden.

3. These cherries in the garden were my Sunday inspiration (watercolour). I was touched by the simple beauty of the fruits which my visual senses appreciated.

4. The golden plums (pastels). I was inspired by fruits my family grew in our orchards.

5. Cockerel (pastels). We always had chickens and cockerels. Their morning calls were pleasant and spread out for miles to let everyone know that new day began.

6. Plums (pastels)

7. Citrus fruits (pastels)


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