Part 19: Enhance your senses

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How do you see things that surround you? How do you hear sound of traffic or birds chirping? How do you smell nature or perfume? How do you notice gentle movement of a snail on wet path? Do you notice the beauty of flowers or orchard fruits? Could we be taking the gifts of our most intimate environment laid around us for granted? I believe it is good for us to really appreciate how we sense things. It can enhance our well-being and inspire our creativity. Next time you hear birds, favourite song or someone’s voice, soak in it’s melody, take in its gift, feel its beauty.

I have taken several photographs from my oasis of joy and inspiration. My sensory garden is filled with lush rumbling roses, ever-flowering geraniums, lavish grapevines, carefree climbers, harmonised with soothing water fountain that enriches the pond. I encourage you to create your space that will help you to enhance your senses and where you can receive creative inspiration from. Start with a small project and expand as you go. It could be indoors or outdoors, follow your intuition, enjoy sensitivity of the experience, notice how you begin to feel things more intensely.


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