Part 20: Fragility of expectations

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I wrote a poem inspired by the vulnerability of unfulfilled expectations and its double-dealings.

Look in a mirror, who do you see?

See yourself, not the world.

Do not see us, take back your own!

Dive deep within, meet the actors,

Role of others in your play.

Digest what you disowned,

This is yourself, this is your hate.

You hate yourself, you think it’s me?

Blinded by your deceit,

Wake up to your senses!

Observe what is real!

Drink more wine, stuck in a mud,

Yearning to move, only can’t.

Ask the actor on a stage,

Rehearsing for his play.

Finish the drill,

Time to take risks,

Spontaneous and impulsive,

Without thinking, jump in,

Courageous and brave,

Unafraid to face your own reflection,

Most of us are different,

Afraid to take risks,

Face uncertainties,

Disturb the safe routine,

Fixed relationships,

And the dream turns sour.


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