Part 21: Learn from experience

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Is your flight bumpy? Good. Feel it’s energy! Is your flight smooth? Good. Put your feet up and relax! Another flight, different experience. At the airport about to board a plane, not knowing what kind of flight to expect and not worrying a thing! Get excited. I believe that we are on this planet to experience, to fully embrace and feel gifts – things which surround us, present to us and enrich us at the very moment, whether it is a painful or pleasant experience. It gifts you with an opportunity to digest it, to transform you into alive human being, colourful, bright and animated, expressive and authentic. Wake up from long sleep, dive beyond limitations of your own cage.

Learning never stops, forever students, stirred by mistakes – yes, those are for you, for me, for everybody. Only, I do not refer to them as mistakes, I call it experiences – revealing who you are, supporting you to reach your full potential, mirroring back your true self, they are the stepping stones of your life story. Leave the old self behind, do not stagnate dear reader, do not look back, embrace the new, mature you. Make it your goal, your passion, the promise to yourself!


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