Part 23: Everything is temporary

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I wrote a poem inspired by life’s certainty – that everything and everyone is temporary.

This game of hide and seek,

I don’t want to play!

I want to keep all the things,

That come my way!

Now you see me,

Now you don’t!

Count me out!

Give me all the money in the world,

Forever mine!

I will live in a castle on the hill,

Each room gold and shine.

What’s this sadness that I feel?

Is it real or a dream?

Am I dying of a hungry heart?

My lonely soul aches,

Tears running down my wretched face,

Perfection, camera, action, take,

Hide my wrinkle,

Smile forever twinkle,

I am the only actress in my play.

What’s this talk of old age?

I make a deal,

Preserve this photogenic beauty,

It’s my ultimate dream.

Now you see me, now you don’t,

Baby cries for first breath,

Joining others in this game,

Innocent servant of time illusion,

Tick, tick, and I am gone.

Above picture: Self portrait – Mia (pastels)


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