Part 27: Do not fear to have a broken heart over and over again ♥

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Here is a clear realisation – to avoid a broken heart people live in a state of broken heart-ness. Becoming willing to have your heart broken millions of times, that is living in love.

The ignorance is when one says to themselves, now I have a broken heart, I will never let that happen again. Clinging to this ignorance one traps themselves into a cycle of broken heart that may be difficult get out of.

Just let the whole world break your heart. This does not mean that you stay in abusive relationships, it means that you are true to what is true to yourself and that is love. All the rest is your story. To examine this truth within is the first step to surrendering. Our hearts have been broken and will be broken and more you surrender to love, the more your heart will be broken more and deeper and there will be pain. Your life is about suffering, not protection from pain. Your life is freedom to surrender, lack of pain or lots of pain. Simple yet profound statement. ‘I love you’, this is the truth that we are saying one another all the time, with layers and layers of conditions. Love is free of conditions such as I love you only if you fit my image of you. I love you only if you are a good cook, I love you if you do this for me….Relationships change and end but love remains, it does not go anywhere. Love gets misunderstood under ‘they should look like this, do things my way’. All the power is there, power to face anything, heartbreak, desertion, isolation, rejection, so what? I love. What a freedom, I love. Done.


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