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Hi, I am Mia and welcome to my website. Stripey Spots is about how to get maximum out of life. I share my well-being, fashion and lifestyle tips. I explain the skills and positive attitudes everyone needs to make a success of their life - the ability to work hard and control stress, to cherish friends, family and lovers; and to build up confidence through self-esteem. I offer the benefit of my experience as an achiever, mother, wife and friend. Stripey Spots will help everyone of any age to feel their absolute best, encouraging them to take control of their destiny, to live their lives to the full potentials. A little about me: I was born in Central Europe and I moved to UK 20 years ago. I always had strong interest in creating unique outfits that enhance femininity, natural beauty and body shape. I developed an innovative approach to clothes styling incorporating skills such as sewing and creative use of accessories that allow me to experiment and enhance visual effects, add sparkle, extra dimensions and create bold statements. Each post is accompanied by a general advise that is easy to follow, inspiring you to develop your own ideas and fashion styles. The Artisan Baking and Cooking offers classic, favourites and contemporary recipes; full of up-to-date advice and reliability. In my spare time I am an Artist; I customarily update the Arts and Craft Column with my one off art and up-cycling masterpieces. Lastly, in the Empowered Love column I share practical advise and tips how to attain successful and everlasting happy content life that I gained through knowledge and experience. If you have any questions, comments, outfit idea requests or are interested in working with me, email me directly at or write me a question in the comment section. My Agency is based in Ruislip, Middlessex and you can book a styling or art session with me via the email address.

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Sometimes I wonder if my nature is quite so full of sweetness and light as I’d like to think. A mean streak in me is almost glad that the winter