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Hi, I am Mia and welcome to Stripey Spots that is about fashion, art and design. A little about me: I was born in Central Europe and lived in the UK for over 20 years. I always had strong interest in creating outfits that enhance femininity, natural beauty and body shape. Over the years I developed an approach to clothes styling incorporating skills such as sewing and creative use of accessories that allow me to experiment and enhance visual effects, add sparkle, extra dimensions and create bold statements which I also incorporate into the paintings and fashion sketches. Each styling post is accompanied by a general advise that is easy to follow, inspiring you to develop your ideas and styles. I also invite you to check out the Arts and Design column; there I update my artworks and other creative items. My Agency is based in Ruislip, Middlessex and you can book a styling session with me via the email address:

Shop for sunshine

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Sometimes I wonder if my nature is quite so full of sweetness and light as I’d like to think. A mean streak in me is almost glad that the winter